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A professional dissertation revision service is a helping hand for Ph.D. students who want to make sure that their dissertation project has proper structure and organization of ideas. On the whole, a dissertation is one of the most serious and decisive projects that one may work on during his/ her academic career. Ideally, a perfectly written dissertation is the result of consistent and high-quality writing, thorough research and literature review, in-depth analysis and discussion, as well as careful revision. Whether a person succeeds in the submission of the dissertation later influences his/ her scholarly future. As such, apart from writing your dissertation in a top-quality way, you need to revise it properly to make it flawless. If you realize that you are not good at paper revision, do not hesitate and rely on our dissertation and essay revision service for assistance.

Master-Dissertation.com is a popular paper revision service that has won an excellent reputation among students from all over the world. Due to our diligence and custom-oriented approach, we have managed to satisfy our clients` needs to the fullest. We have a versatile team of writers who specialize in different subject areas and research spheres so that you could trust us with a dissertation on any topic. When you order revision services from Master-Dissertation.com, your assigned writer will go through formatting, editing, and proofreading. We guarantee that all errors in the paper will be corrected. The only thing that will help your assigned writer make the revision process even more convenient or easy is your specific revision request, i.e. when you are asked by your professor to revise the paper, he/ she normally provides you with instructions, so make sure to send them to your assigned writer. Your assigned writer will closely follow all instructions to make sure that the paper now meets the writing prompt. The revision dissertation entails adding some information that is missing, deleting the unnecessary or irrelevant facts, and making the necessary adjustments. Be sure that with our professional support you will not receive a revision request from your academic supervisor anymore.


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What Does Revision Papers Comprise?

The process of revision papers at Master-Dissertation.com relates to the real improvement of what your paper needs. Our company`s specialists focus on the appropriate spelling, correction of typos, checking and improving formatting, and upgrading the paper on the whole in terms of its sentence structures and content. Our writing revision service is willing to provide you with expert assistance in case you are not able to revise the dissertation on your own due to the lack of time or required knowledge. As such, instead of struggling with your lengthy academic work, opt for placing an order with Master-Dissertation.com. With our help, you will finally be able to spend more time with your friends, socialize, engage in some interesting pastimes, or finally sleep enough.

Our company`s writers will also help students differentiate the process of proofreading from revision. All in all, what our writers do is far more than mere punctuation and spelling check. So, take a look at the writing revision checklist that is important to follow while revising academic papers:

  1. Structure. Logical and consistent structure definitely makes a positive impression on the target readers, especially on the professor. Our company`s editors will make sure that the transitions are balanced and that the ideas developed in a paper are thoroughly structured.
  2. Format. When you make sure that the formatting style is appropriate and adheres to the standards, you will not have the risk of being accused of plagiarism. When students miss citations or when they cite outside information improperly, the plagiarism checker may spot such information as plagiarism.
  3. Layout. The proper layout ensures the logical structure of your dissertation. More so, it helps in navigation through the dissertation.
  4. Grammar. When you write in proper grammar, you can easier convey the main ideas, thoughts, and arguments. Besides, the text becomes more comprehensible for the readers. Our editors will proofread your dissertation and improve sentences, grammatical structures, spelling, and punctuation.
  5. A list of references, or works cited page. Each dissertation should have a reference list, where all consulted and cited sources are mentioned. When our editors analyze the reference list page, they not only ensure proper citation style, but also check each source for credibility and trustworthiness.
  6. Content. Your dissertation revisor will also improve the content according to the requirements. For example, a thesis statement may be paraphrased if it is weak, or the editor may also improve transitions, topic sentences, and supporting evidence.

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Main Benefits of the Dissertation Revision Process You Order from Master-Dissertation.com

If you want to make sure that the revision process is properly done, keep in mind the following features of the dissertation revision process. Check them out below:

  • Devote a sufficient amount of time for the revision process.

After you have finished writing your dissertation, take a break for at least a few days or weeks and only then start the revision process. This pause will allow your brain to relax and forget about the content. As such, you will be more attentive to the mechanics of the paper and content organization.

  • Review the revision plan.

Before you set down the paper revision process, make sure you take a look at the revision guidelines sent to you by your professor. Read them attentively by paying attention to the writing style, formatting and citation style, and other requirements. Do not overlook any of the instructions and try to address each of the recommendations consistently one by one.

  • Pick the method that is most relevant to you.

One of the most useful revision tips is to divide the document into logical chunks and start the revision process on each of them one after another. Such a huge workload that is divided into small portions will not look scare for you.



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  • Overall dissertation outline.

Pay attention to the whole paper structure, namely, check whether the introduction is clear and whether it contains sufficient background information and introduces the thesis statement. A further move to the main body: whether the chapters or paragraphs are logical and contain sufficient transitions.

  • Formatting.

Check what style you had to adhere to. Some of the widely assigned are MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago among others. Following a specific formatting style does not mean merely citing the sources properly and organizing the works cited page according to the requirements. You also need to pay attention to whether headings and subheadings are written with inconsistent font type and style. Also, take into consideration lists, numbering, the usage of capital letters, presentation of tables, figures, and other supporting evidence.

  • Consistency of ideas.

Consistency also predetermines the same pattern of writing, consistency in spelling, logical representation of lists, and bullet points. Consistency can be easily spotted when a paper has its own and unique writing style. Clear style is also obtained when there is adequate spacing throughout the paper, when punctuation is proper, and when each paragraph is properly organized.

  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Many students solely rely on online grammar and spelling checkers but keep in mind that they are not reliable since they may not spot all mistakes and they may detect some structure as a mistake even though it is not in reality. Moreover, when it comes to homophones, words that sound similar and are easily confused, online spellcheckers are not effective when tracing them. Therefore, opt for professional editorial help from real experts.

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  • Acronyms and abbreviations.

Depending on the topic of your dissertation, you may use acronyms and abbreviations throughout the text. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended to write them in full form when you mention them for the first time. When you are mentioning them subsequently, use the shortened forms. If there is a requirement to use full names of acronyms at the beginning of each chapter (or even throughout the whole text), keep in mind that the full names, especially if used rather frequently, should not be included in the minimum word count limit.

  • Plagiarism issues.

When you are using outside sources for citations or for references in text, be sure that only credible and peer-reviewed sources should be used. If you are taking online sources, also pay attention to who they were written by and when the information was published. Remember that plagiarism is not merely related to the usage of text but also to figures, graphs, diagrams, images, etc. Therefore, get to know how to cite even visual aid according to the required citation style. Plagiarism issues in dissertation writing can be serious as they may be the cause of a student being expelled from the doctoral program.

  • Citation rules.

You need to clarify what citation or formatting style you should use in your paper. Normally, the requirements differ depending on the educational establishment, so get all the necessary information from your academic supervisor and check the requirements on the website of your institutional affiliation. The most important thing is to follow one style in a consistent manner. APA style, for example, is an author-date system and the titles of the works are placed in alphabetical order according to the first letter of the author`s last name. Some of the styles require one to add endnotes and footnotes. As such, you need to put a small number after the line that denotes a corresponding source name. When you are writing a dissertation in medicine, health care, technology, or engineering, a numbering system of citation may be utilized.

  • To ensure the revision process is focused and careful, read the paper a few times.

If you want to ensure a high quality of writing, you need to be meticulous and attentive to detail. Instead of trying to read the whole paper at once, split this whole revision process into a few smaller dissertation revision tasks.

  • Know what to look for when you are revising.

Why is revision important in writing? – While writing, it may be difficult for you to trace whether the structures you are using are grammatically correct. As such, it is essential to take a break after the writing process and take a look at the content from the side. Even if a student is fluent in writing and is well-versed in the given research field, there are frequent cases of misspelled words, typos, mistakes in word order, or subject-verb agreement, as well as misplaced punctuation. Besides, pay attention to the structure of paragraphs. Check whether there is a clear topic sentence, whether the argument is supported by sufficient evidence and examples, and whether each paragraph or section has a closing wrapping-up sentence. You should ensure a logical and coherent flow of ideas throughout paragraphs, so check on transitions. Besides, while revising, you may also spot some irrelevant facts or details, so be sure to adjust, rephrase, or remove them.

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Please keep in mind that whenever you ask our academic dissertation writing experts, «Please revise my paper for me,» you will get a prompt reply from them. Our company`s professionals are always willing and ready to provide you with top-notch writing help whether it is a dissertation revision outline or revision of the research proposal or already the whole dissertation project. When assigning an expert to work on your paper, we make sure that he/ she fully matches your requirements and specifications. We have a team of highly professional writers, as well as experienced editors and proofreaders who are well-versed in academic writing and can provide an impeccable piece of writing even of a mediocre paper. They will not only care for the proper mechanics and writing style but also for appropriate layout.

Check out the following benefits you can derive when you cooperate with us:

  • Reliability. Our clients can rely on help from us at any time of the day or night. We operate 24/7, so we can help you out even when you need urgent revision assistance. We provide the services on time and we can improve a paper of any quality.
  • Professional writers. When seeking help from Master-Dissertation.com, you will cooperate only with professional and qualified writers who are highly qualified in their specialty. When hiring writing and revision experts, we make sure that they are seasoned professionals who have solid expertise in different subject areas. As such, you can contact us for help regardless of the dissertation topic.
  • Full privacy and confidentiality guarantee. We guarantee full confidentiality when you receive expert help from us. As such, neither your professors nor group mates will ever know that you have been consulting us for editorial or writing help. Superb quality is always guaranteed. With our help, you will achieve exemplary results.
  • Round-the-clock availability. Thanks to the fact that we operate 24/7, we can guarantee timely assistance to clients living in different time zones. We work round-the-clock even on holidays and days off.

Keep in mind that, when cooperating with Master-Dissertation.com, you will get a unique experience that will guarantee superior-quality writing. With the help of our company`s experts, you will ensure top-quality of your papers and you will greatly boost your academic grades.


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