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A dissertation results section is one of the most important chapters in a dissertation paper as it presents the core results of your research, its main outcomes, contribution to the general research field, and the overall role of your researched topic.

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Writing Results for Dissertation

Among writing all chapters of a dissertation, students should pay specific attention to writing results for the dissertation. Actually, this is the very chapter that signifies what you have accomplished and done throughout the research process, so keep in mind that it is worth paying sufficient attention to it. If you wonder how to write results section, be aware that it should appeal to research details and focus on the results that were acquired, specifically you may provide statistics, tables, diagrams, and other numerical data.

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When writing a results section, you will be able to monitor whether you have included all the information needed and whether you have gathered sufficient data. Specifically, apart from just presenting the numbers, it is advisable to summarize the findings and transform them into a logical text. You need to once again remind your readers what your initial hypothesis was like and then summarize whether your results contradict or support the hypothesis.

When working on the dissertation results section, it is advisable to refer to the sources that you have been using as supporting evidence. Actually, in this section, you have to present everything that you have found as evidence and that proved to be useful for you. It is a must that these sources are credible and trustworthy, so keep in mind that you should take the articles or journals only from scholarly libraries and peer-reviewed sources.

Concerning the format of writing the results dissertation chapter, be sure that it should be written in the past tense as you have already provided the research. Moreover, indicate the methodology that you have used for gaining specific results. The methods should be described in detail in the methodology section.

As you are presenting the results, it is recommended to come up with the most suitable means of doing it. It is strongly recommended to make the presentation of the results clear and logical. As such, you may be encouraged to do it in the form of a table, diagram, chart, etc. If you have some complex calculations, be sure to explain to them so that the target readers understand where and how you have extracted that data. Provide titles to each chapter to help the readers who are not well-versed in your topic find all the needed information.

Regarding the text and the very way of presenting your results, try to avoid repetitions within the text. If you present some data in the table, do not repeat the same in the textual form. Rather the text and the visuals should complement each other. In case there are some alterations in the findings whatsoever, be sure that you should specify it in the description.

In case you have a lot of supporting material or visuals, please add them to the appendices after the main part of the dissertation. Keep in mind that the presentation of the results is the least you can do within this scope of research – be sure to provide detailed and clear interpretations.

How to Write a Results Section Properly?

Before starting work on the results section, it is essential to know how to write a results section properly according to the latest standards. First of all, try to make all the tables, diagrams, and other visuals relevant to what you write about. Second, try to arrange headings and subheadings properly – it will help you make the dissertation look really organized and logical. When presenting different findings on your topic, be sure to start with the most significant ones – leave the least important at the end.


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