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A dissertation methodology is one of the units comprising a dissertation. It plays a vital role in creating a powerful dissertation as it provides a detailed description of the conducted study.

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What is the Methodology Section?

Before starting the writing procedure, one should answer the question, “What is a methodology and what role does it play in a dissertation?” Thus, it is a chapter that describes the techniques and approaches applied in the course of the research, the kind of data gathered at the research stage, utilized sources, and other aspects related to the process of investigation. Remember that this chapter has to be comprehensible so that readers can fully understand how your research has been conducted and use the same technique for their own studies. It is essential to remark that this part of your paper should not include any questions, summaries, or any other tools which you have used when researching the topic. Your chief purpose is to explain why you have referred to specific research instruments to gather the material for your work.

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  • Research Techniques

You have to present the topic under consideration and the research methods you have utilized for amassing data. Pay attention that there are different types of research and analysis. As to the former, it can be qualitative and quantitative, while the latter can be primary and secondary. Hence, when writing a methodology, ensure to clearly state which of the said types you have utilized to gather and analyze information.

  • Describe the applied approaches

Here, you are supposed to not only present the research techniques which you have used but also spell out how they have helped you reach your research goals. Additionally, you have to state why you consider the chosen technique more useful than others.

How to Write a Methodology Paper Appropriately

To achieve success, you need to know exactly how to write a methodology paper. It is essential to realize that this part of a dissertation should not highlight all the methods and sources you have used to collect data.

It is obvious that all scholarly projects have to be prepared in accordance with specific instructions. It means that you should ask your professor to clarify what criteria and standards to mind when creating your methodology. For example, you may need to gather either more or less material about the used research methods. By the way, you should know that the amount of data that has to be highlighted depends on the kind of research you intend to undertake. In the case of primary research, you will be supposed to describe the investigation process in greater detail. Secondary research in its turn does not demand a highly detailed description of the applied techniques.

  • Scientific Method

Being aware of the kinds of research methods and approaches, it will be easier for you to pick the most suitable ones for examining your topic. Moreover, you will learn to differentiate between the types of research.

Regardless of the kind of investigation you are conducting, you have to be sure that the used resources are credible. Only in this case will you manage to collect relevant material for your methodology. Note that the research results obtained by other academicians should be presented in this section as well. Thus, readers will see that you have explored the subject thoroughly.

  • Create Drafts

When gathering the material for your methodology, it is advised to write down essential data or produce drafts. It is very helpful when you are writing the paper and continue researching the subject at the same time. Furthermore, by referring to your drafts or notes, it will be easier for you to detect the errors you may have made when collecting information. In case you do not really understand how a methodology should be arranged, find some examples available online.

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  • Making the Right Structure

A methodology can be organized in different ways. Below, there is a list of the structural elements a methodology should contain:

  • Research review: Highlight the subject of your work.
  • Organizational mode: Provide data about the components your methodology consists of and illustrate the points in which each of the components is concentrated on.
  • Data collection: Spell out how you have gathered material and what methods you have used.
  • Data assessment: Is the collected information valuable? Have you managed to obtain accurate research results? Remember to state what type of data you have amassed and what sources you have browsed. State whether there were any difficulties in obtaining research findings.

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