Writing an In-Depth Dissertation Introduction

A dissertation introduction is a section that deserves assiduous attention. It has to present a thesis statement and provide clear explanations as to why you consider your thesis right and how you are going to prove it.

If you want to impress your professor as well as the board with outstanding work, buy an introductory chapter of a dissertation on the web. The key purpose of this unit is to attract readers’ attention from the explored topic. Being obliged to create this section, students do not find it disastrous, but only at first. When they start managing the assignment, they understand that converting a considerable amount of material into several pages is quite challenging.

It is obvious that an introductory unit forms the basis of a dissertation and, therefore, has to be produced in the right manner. The subject which you are going to cover as well as the general points of a dissertation have to be illustrated clearly.

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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction Effectively

It is essential to figure out how to write a dissertation introduction if one desires to achieve A-level results. Thus, before commencing the writing process, you need to investigate the subject in detail. Ensure that you understand the gathered material before starting structure it. Moreover, you need to:

  • Present the essence of the topic. In order to make certain that readers comprehend what your paper is focused on, you have to vividly describe the issue which you are going to tackle.
  • Catch readers’ interest. Strive to persuade readers that the subject you are going to explore matters. Let readers understand that the matter under examination is of great value.
  • Demonstrate its pertinence. You are required to explain how the results of your research can be used in real life. Highlight the importance of your topic first and then present its practical value.

Bear in mind that an introduction goes after the outline of your dissertation. It has to initiate a discussion about the subject and make readers join it.


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Excellent Dissertation Introduction Sample

Take a look at the dissertation introduction sample presented below and you will see how a superb introductory unit should look like.

When working on this section, many students wonder, “How long should an introduction be?” The length of this section depends on that of a dissertation. Usually, it constitutes about 5-7% of the general word count.

When producing an introduction, it is important to structure it appropriately. If you do not know how to do it, our team will be pleased to help you. They know how an introduction, as well as the rest of the chapters of a dissertation, should be arranged.

  • Motivation. Spell out what has made you examine a specific topic. Do it in an attractive way to interest readers.
  • Subject. Clearly state what subject you are exploring. You may briefly describe the aspects you intend to discuss.
  • Goal. It has to be presented at the beginning of the chapter. Remember to be precise as readers may lack time to read lengthy explanations.
  • Problem. Highlight the main problem which you address in your work. You may briefly describe the theories and concepts which you will refer to in your writing project.
  • Scientific coverage. Has your topic been explored by other academicians? Depict the current scientific situation in your field of study and help readers realize its scope.
  • Importance. Why do you think that your scholarly project can contribute to a specific area considerably after being published? Explain what sectors it may influence. Support your claims with convincing arguments.
  • Research peculiarities. Spell out how you have conducted research, i.e. whom you have talked to, when, and where.

These are the chief points which you should mind when managing your introduction. Nevertheless, we are aimed at providing you with more hints so that you can craft an awesome chapter. Thus, keep reading.

Practical Advice about Writing a Dissertation Introduction

As you can see, writing a dissertation introduction properly is not easy. However, with our helpful tips, the whole process will be not so arduous.

  • Apply a suitable tone. Apart from writing in a formal language, try to be friendly. Remember that people enjoy reading appealing and valuable material and not the one containing bare facts only.
  • Highlight your course of action. You are required to help readers understand what your academic work is based on. They want to know what problem you have addressed and what results in you have achieved. Thus, ensure to reveal valuable data about your project.
  • Write concisely. Keep in mind that readers may be pressed for time. Therefore, you have to make your introduction both succinct and informative. It is crucial to be focused on the chief idea and not to distract readers’ attention with some secondary details.
  • Write sentences in the Active Voice. It is better to use Active Voice constructions since this grammar phenomenon will make your text more engaging and live if it can be said so. What is more, it is worth using the Present Simple Tense when producing an introductory section and other units.
  • Devote one paragraph to one point. When working on the introduction, you should describe each of the paper chapters in one paragraph. The major ideas, targets, achievements, relating to a specific unit have to be presented in one paragraph only. By applying such an approach, you can be sure that your work will be read until the end since it is laconic.

It is apparent that preparing a top-flight introduction is not a piece of cake. Nonetheless, with these useful prompts and rules, you will be able to handle your assignment efficiently. Do not be in a hurry! Read the provided directions carefully to understand how to do everything in the best way.



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More Prompts to Mind

Let us talk about how to interest readers in the discussed subject as this is one of the chief objectives of an introduction. Consider the tips given by the experts providing credible dissertation writing services:

  • Show readers that your topic is essential by highlighting the main peculiarities of the area it relates to;
  • Assess already conducted studies in the same field;
  • Underline the importance of your study by revealing the gaps in previous projects.

To make certain your paper will be appreciated by readers, you should:

  • Present the research question(s);
  • Determine the basic goals of your study;
  • Describe the structural mode of your introduction;
  • Highlight significant research results;
  • Show the value of previously conducted research.

However, what if you cannot cope with such an assignment? What to do? Where to get good introduction paragraph examples? Whom to turn to say, “Write my introduction!” Do not panic! Our strong team of experienced and responsible specialists is ready to assist you. When dealing with us, you will be able to utilize the best dissertation writing service.

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