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If you have written your dissertation but do not know how to format it appropriately, consider using the dissertation formatting service provided by our company. We will help you arrange your paper in the right manner regardless of the format. When cooperating with us, you can expect nothing but a superior outcome since we offer the best and affordable formatting services. You may think that such a statement is nothing but an exaggeration. However, if you keep reading, you will see that the way we work and treat our customers speak for itself.

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One more benefit which we can offer to you is communication with the expert managing your dissertation. Thus, in case of questions, feel free to send the assigned specialist a message. Whatever the dissertation proposal format is, have no doubt that your paper will be arranged in compliance with the respective requirements.

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These are the most frequently utilized writing styles used in major universities across the world:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • CBE
  • Oxford
  • Harvard
  • Turabian
  • Vancouver

Is It Worth Using Dissertation Formatting Services?

The benefits of referring to dissertation formatting services are enormous. First of all, it is worth stressing one more time that you will get expert assistance when cooperating with a team of accomplished specialists. True professionals are capable of formatting writing projects in any of the available formats. As to other advantages which you can get while collaborating with online experts, they are the following:

  • More spare time for personal affairs
  • No need to browse numerous books to find out the peculiarities of formatting papers in different styles
  • Opportunity to concentrate on other important assignments
  • More time for studies
  • No stress because of tight deadlines
  • Valuable assistance with any format
  • Papers of any length are accepted

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Peculiarities of a Dissertation Formatting Process

Below, there are several points highlighting the specifics of a dissertation formatting process:

  • Pagination
  • Check of the figures and tables
  • Examination of headings and subheadings
  • Formatting the headings in the Table of Contents
  • Check of the spacing (the double one is applied)
  • Proper arrangement of the fonts

As can be seen, while formatting dissertation papers, one has to pay much attention to each of the aspects of such complex writing projects. Certainly, if it goes about a paper consisting of several pages, you could handle it on your own. Nevertheless, a dissertation is a totally different situation. Besides, it is known that the process of formatting such a lengthy piece of writing takes much time which the majority of graduate students usually lack due to a considerable workload. That is why many of them prefer to turn to those who are skilled in academic paper formatting.

It is necessary to state that even bright students face considerable difficulties while going through a dissertation formatting procedure. When formatting such a complex paper, one has to keep in mind a large number of points that have to be addressed. It is essential to realize that a format is not only about the mode your work is organized in but also the way it is perceived by readers. Depending on the format, readers are either able or unable to find the needed information in a dissertation.

Useful Dissertation Formatting Guidelines

Though each educational institution imposes its own requirements for arranging dissertations, there are general dissertation formatting guidelines that have to be adhered to by everyone. Some of them are highlighted below:

    • There should be a list of tables, figures, and a table of contents in your dissertation.
    • The established margins, pagination, appropriate case, and indentation have to be applied.
    • Tables, graphs, and figures have to be aligned in the right manner.
    • The list of sources used in the course of writing has to be presented at the end of your paper arranged according to a respective dissertation format.
    • Parenthetical citations as well as other items have to be arranged in MLA, Chicago, APA, or Harvard referencing style. The choice of the style depends on the area you are majoring in, i.e. social sciences, etc. Proper formatting of a dissertation helps avoid plagiarism that is considered a serious academic fraud.

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  • Usually, the majority of schools impose the following requirements for arranging margins: 1,5 “on the left and right sides, and 1 and ¼” on top and bottom. If you are not provided with exact requirements for margins, stick to the generally accepted ones.
  • According to the specifics of the Ph.D. dissertation format, the text has to be double-spaced except for the titles of chapters, block quotations, tables, appendices, footnotes, etc. To know exactly how each structural component has to be formatted, look through the guides to specific formats. Additionally, you may check the examples of properly formatted dissertations.
  • Your dissertation has to include a title page containing your name and a dissertation title, a copyright page, and a table of contents. The mode of numbering the mentioned pages depends on the educational establishment you are studying at. In the majority of cases, the first pages have Roman numerals, while others, beginning from the first chapter, are numbered according to the factorial numbering system.
  • The majority of educational institutions require one to create an abstract for a dissertation. It should briefly sum up the chief points of a dissertation giving readers a clear understanding of the research question, methods, and results.
  • You may need to hand in the abstract before your dissertation is published as it (abstract) is used in the publishing context.

In order to make the right dissertation writing format, one has to be fully aware of all the requirements listed above. Moreover, students have to be familiar with the key features of each of the referencing styles to be able to format a paper appropriately in any of them. Let us agree that keeping in mind such an amount of information is quite hard. If you see that you are unable to cope with formatting on your own, address us at Master-Dissertation.com Here, you can get expert assistance with formatting online.


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If you order dissertation formatting from us, you will not need to deal with the intricacies of any of the formats in which you may need to arrange your paper. Our specialists have great experience in formatting papers in different styles, namely Chicago, MLA, APA, and others. They always follow clients’ directions to provide them with the writing projects satisfying their demands. Citations, as well as references, are also arranged in accordance with the specified format. Whether you need to format the entire dissertation or just some of its sections, you are welcome to us. What is more, it is necessary to admit that our specialists work quickly meaning you should not be afraid of missing your deadline.

Now, you will not need to tremble with fear when submitting your dissertation thinking whether all formatting specifications are met. If you turn to the team of Master-Dissertation.com, you will get a marvelous opportunity to receive substantial formatting help from the experts who are committed to their job. When cooperating with our staff, you can be confident that the

specifications laid down by your educational establishment will be met since our pros are very attentive and responsible. In the course of formatting, they pay attention to the following items:

  1. Title page
  2. TOC
  3. Page numbers
  4. Page structure
  5. Paragraph structure
  6. Citations
  7. References
  8. Margins
  9. Headings, images, figures, titles, etc.
  10. Overall university guidelines

Though the majority of our customers are students, there are also other users requiring assistance with their formatting tasks. Such a diverse customer base proves that we always work for quality and mind the established academic criteria and standards. It is also necessary to admit that we maintain not only superior quality but also reasonable prices. It means that if you choose us, you will afford to buy a dissertation written by a highly competent writer without exceeding your budget. Being in the writing industry for many years, we have gained a reputation of being a reliable agency that provides its customers with a wide range of first-class services. This must be the major reason for which we have a considerable number of clients from different countries.

As it has already been stated, our prices are reasonable as we want each of our customers to be able to purchase impeccable writing projects from us. This feature is greatly appreciated by our clients when can be seen from the testimonials they leave on our website. By reading our customers’ feedback, we see that they are pleased with both the quality and cost of the received papers. Thus, if you need professional assistance with your academic works, you are welcome to us.


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