Dissertation Discussion Chapter Writing

When studies come to an end, students realize that they will need to write and then defend a dissertation – one of the most complex academic papers consisting of an abstract, introduction, hypothesis, dissertation discussion chapter, and other sections. To succeed in completing such a writing project, you need to begin working on it in advance. The most essential aspects that demand scrupulous attention are picking a topic and making a proper structure.

What Is a Discussion of a Dissertation?

Before starting producing this chapter, it is necessary to get a clear answer to the question, “What is a discussion unit?” This chapter is actually the nub of your dissertation. The way this section is prepared impacts the grade considerably. It follows that you have to do your best to create this unit appropriately.

When preparing your discussion, you have to:

  • Thoroughly analyze the conducted research
  • Explain why particular research methods have been used
  • Interpret the obtained results
  • Answer the research question

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Comprehensive Discussion Guide

If you stick to the discussion guide provided below, you will be able to create your piece of writing in the right manner. Thus:

  • Ensure the structure of your section is coherent. Determine the facets you are going to highlight first, i.e. the results, hypothesis, etc. To make sure all points are covered, create a brief outline and stick to it. Discuss each idea separately. Once one point is covered, start describing another one.
  • Be honest when assessing findings. In case you cannot prove your hypothesis, you should not get upset as this is the nature of research. Not all claims can be proved. Sometimes, researchers’ efforts are doomed to failure. Nonetheless, a negative outcome is still the result. In case there are any restrictions, you should describe them in your paper. Additionally, illustrate the positive and negative features of your study. By taking such an approach, you will manage to impress the board with your diligence.
  • Scrutinize examples. A discussion, as well as other chapters of a dissertation, has already been produced by numerous students meaning you can find excellent samples on the Net. Thus, take a properly written model of a discussion and examine it to understand how to fulfill your task efficiently.
  • Link all sections of a dissertation. When preparing your discussion, remember to refer to other chapters. Strive to connect all sections to make your work logical.



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Online Discussion Writing Hints

Keep the online discussion writing tips listed below at hand to be aware of all the secrets of creating this section. To begin with, this chapter is considered the so-called bridge between the research procedure and a concluding section meaning it has to examine the former and somehow foresee the latter. Nevertheless, you should not just present bare facts but provide readers with an in-depth analysis of the available data and reasonable explanations to make everything clear. Here are the hints which you may find useful when working on your discussion.

    • Provide concrete facts first and then continue with the general ones. You need to show how your study fits the chosen research area.
    • Establish a direct connection between your discussion and introduction. Your discussion should reiterate the chief points presented in the introduction. Present the concepts and notions described in the introductory unit in a new light taking into account the data which you have obtained in the course of research.
    • Restate a thesis statement and support it with the data obtained in the course of your research.

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  • Go back to the literature review section and explain how the results of your investigation correlate with the theories highlighted in the used sources. In case of any inconsistencies, state whether they have been somehow simplified by your research.
  • Explain how the results can be used in a specific field. If your paper does not highlight some facets of the tackled issue, you should mention it and give some recommendations for further investigation.
  • If some of your findings are vague, you need to admit them in your discussion. Additionally, it worth comparing the obtained results with those which you have anticipated getting.
  • Evaluate the restrictions of your investigation. Highlight the points that could have influenced the obtained findings.
  • Demonstrate the applicability of the obtained results.

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What should not Be Included in a Discussion Section

There are several points which you should mind to avoid mistakes when crafting your discussion.

  • Avoid presenting new findings. Discuss only those presented in the results section.
  • Do not make vague statements. Your claims have to be supported with concrete facts.
  • Do not weaken your investigation. When describing the restrictions of your research, you need to stress its strong points and not the weak ones.

Mind the given advice and you will be able to pose good discussion questions and connect ideas logically. Refer to authoritative sources only and find quality dissertation writing services if you feel unable to cope with the task on your own. Do not forget that you have to make readers open for discussion with the help of your piece of writing. Therefore, ensure that your discussion unit is relevant to the topic and presents the results in a comprehensive manner.

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