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A dissertation conclusion is an indispensable unit of a dissertation. Though it is the final section of such an arduous scholarly project, it has to be prepared in the best way as readers are usually particularly attentive to the units which they read last. It can be said that a conclusion of a dissertation serves as a tool for identifying readers’ feelings caused by the presented academic work.

To make sure that you have prepared a good dissertation conclusion, you need to mind both general criteria and those set by your educational establishment. First, this unit has to follow a discussion and comprise about 5% of the overall word count. Second, it has to be arranged accordingly, written flawlessly, and include the key components such as reiterated research goals, suggestions for future investigation, and applicability to the research area.

What is more, when writing a conclusion, you may describe your experience of crafting a dissertation. State what positive impact this major academic work has had on you as an academician. Do not forget that your concluding chapter has to start with the restatement of the chief points raised in your work. One more piece of advice is to be attentive to details when composing this part of your paper. Why does it matter? The thing is that a conclusion is as important as other chapters of a dissertation and has to be written properly. In case you treat it carelessly since it is the final section of a paper, readers may lose interest in your paper.

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A conclusion plays a crucial role in constructing your dissertation. It highlights the purpose of your scholarly project and outlines its major points.

Tips on Writing a Dissertation Conclusion

Let us take a closer look at the tips on writing a dissertation conclusion presented below to realize why this chapter matters.

  1. Research Goals. In this part of your conclusion, you need to reiterate the objectives of your research project and demonstrate the connection between them and the obtained results. Additionally, you have to explain what can be concluded based on the results of the investigation. Generally speaking, you are supposed to state whether you have managed to reach your goals while researching the matter under consideration. Mind that you have to lay out just the primary points when writing about the purpose of your research.
  2. Suggestions. The purpose of this part of your concluding chapter is to give readers some advice about how to conduct further research. This so-called structural element is a vital component of this section. If you do not include it in your conclusion, you may lose some points. Thus, ensure to provide clear recommendations concerning further investigation and make certain they are directly connected with the data presented in the body section.
  3. Contribution. The major purpose of researching a specific issue is to consider it from a new angle and offer a totally different solution to it. The information about the novelty of your study is actually the basis of the part describing the contribution your work can make to a specific research area. Keep in mind that it is worth consulting with your professor to know exactly whether to include this data in this section since different educational establishments have their own demands on the matter.

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It is also necessary to talk about the issues that have to be avoided when creating a conclusion. There are three major items which you should pay attention to:

Lengthy and repetitious conclusion – It contains numerous repetitions, i.e. the data that has already been mentioned in other chapters of your paper.

Brief conclusion – Remember that a too short conclusion is a sign of confused or improperly presented facts. Such conclusions usually lack consistency.

Unreasonable conclusion – Sometimes, students create absolutely illogical conclusions that do not have any connection with the research results. Such conclusions usually include weak statements that are not supported by any arguments. Remember that you have to be precise and avoid creating such an inappropriate conclusion.

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Hints on Creating the Final Section of a Dissertation from Our Conclusion Writer

By following the advice provided by our conclusion writer, you will be able to compose a logical conclusion meeting the set academic criteria. Thus, draw your attention to the points given below:

  • Ensure a conclusion is connected with an introduction
  • Avoid presenting any new data
  • Do not use such phrases as “in conclusion”
  • Begin your conclusion by reiterating your thesis statement
  • Mind the format
  • End your work with a powerful statement
  • Make certain your conclusion makes your dissertation complete
  • Ensure your conclusion includes relevant material

The mentioned rules are always followed by our specialists who provide excellent dissertation writing services. If you entrust your piece of writing to our pros, be sure the same methods will be applied.

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Down below, there is a description of the procedure which our writers follow when working on the final chapter of a dissertation.

  • Research the Subject Thoroughly

The experts working for our online agency always investigate the assigned topics in detail. They are focused on collecting enough information about the matter and, therefore, browse reliable sources only. In this way, they can be confident that a conclusion will include relevant data only. It is necessary to admit that our specialists never miss any important details when preparing a conclusion.

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