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As a rule, all applicants willing to enroll in some college or university education program should be competitive in terms of their academic performance, specific achievements, the general level of preparation, and other criteria. Since it can be really hard for the admission committee to objectively evaluate students and get to know how willing and passionate they are to enter the college, the committee may ask them to provide a letter of motivation. Mainly, a motivational letter for university can make it clear for the admission board whether the applicant is passionate about studying and whether he/ she is ready to pursue studying goals. The role of motivation letter writing is so significant since the admission committee can better understand who the best candidate is. So, if you are in need of writing a motivation letter for a master’s program or for other purposes, do not underestimate the importance of this piece of writing. It is advisable to spend a sufficient amount of time on the process of preparation and writing. Specifically, it is important when you do not have adequate skills and sufficient experience in writing motivational letters. All in all, the motivation letter you will provide will definitely impact your reputation and it will be deciding whether you are accepted for the educational program, internship, etc., or not. If you feel that you are unable to tackle the motivation letter writing task, find a credible and trustworthy writing company, and get rid of anxiety and stress. If you want to cooperate with a high-quality custom writing agency, be sure that is your top choice. So, if you want to get the desired result, buy motivation letter from right now.

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What Is a Motivation Letter?

If you need to submit a letter of motivation for educational or career purposes, you should fully understand what a motivation letter is and how to write it. So, a motivational letter is also known as a personal statement, and it is aimed at describing one`s personality with a specific focus on goals, interests, and future ambitions. Motivational letters are required when people are applying for job positions or for some educational programs. To put it frankly, a motivational letter is a kind of self-presentation since it mainly aims at demonstrating what kind of person and a specialist you are, what experience you have, and what goals you pursue. A motivation letter also plays the role of advertising since you are kind of selling yourself to a specific organization/ company or educational institution.

The key purpose of writing a motivational letter is to persuade the admission committee that you stand out from the crowd of competitors and that you are worthy of getting the desired position. With this motivational letter, you should demonstrate that you are the kind of person the admission committee needs. When you are writing a motivation letter for a job, you need to highlight that you are the type of person the company can benefit from. In such cases, it is highly recommended to mention how your future success will positively impact the overall prosperity of the company.

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How to Structure a Motivational Letter?

When you are writing a motivation letter for scholarship, you are normally required to provide a one-page document where you are introducing yourself as a person and are revealing your personal story and interests. As well as that you should emphasize what interest you have in the given position in the organization or institutional affiliation you are applying for.

When working on a motivational letter, you should follow the required motivation letter format. For example, you should have clear requirements for how long the letter should be, what style it should follow, and what subtopics it should focus on. As a rule, the length of the motivational letter is not standard and it depends on what purpose it is written for. Still, it should not be too short – you need to fit in all your arguments that will demonstrate that you are worth considering for the position. When it comes to the main points that should be mentioned in your motivational letter, these are educational background and accomplishments, resume details that were not fully analyzed in the very resume, your main skills, and abilities, your future plans. On average, the length of a motivational letter may range from 500 to 1,000 words. Remember that the structure is similar to an essay: the letter of motivation should have paragraphs in order to ensure coherence and logical consistency of the text you are providing.

Ways of Structuring Your Letter of Motivation:

  • Following a three-paragraph structure: an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion.
  • Following a five-paragraph (or sometimes a seven-paragraph) structure: when you have an introductory paragraph, small body paragraphs (three or five), and a conclusion.

There is no much difference in what formatting style you prefer. If you have a longer motivational letter, you may provide more body paragraphs, where each of them focuses on separate points, i.e. skills or achievements. If you prefer a story-telling approach, then opt for a three-paragraph structure.

How to Write the Best Motivation Letter for Job of Educational Program?

If you wonder how to write a motivational letter that stands out of the crowd of fellow applicants, follow the tips and guidelines below:

  1. Know your target reader (who you are writing to, where you are applying for). Make sure you know the person who us deciding whether you are worth getting the position or not – address that person directly starting with Dear Mr./ Dear Mrs.
  2. Get familiar with all program requirements. Make sure you adjust your motivational letter structure to the main requirements.
  3. Demonstrate in your letter of motivation that you share the values, mission, and vision of the organization at hand.
  4. Provide specific argumentation why you want to get the position. There is a clear distinction between just expressing your interest and selling yourself.
  5. Be honest and never lie about your accomplishments or experience.

What to Consider When Writing a Motivation Letter?

When you are planning to start writing your motivation letter Ph.D., keep in mind that you need to pay attention to the underlying aspects of writing a motivation letter.

  1. The motivation letter should include facts and details that are different from the information provided in the resume.
  2. Focus on the main ideas you would like to communicate across. Focus on five points maximum. Make sure that the skills and talents that you mention are relevant to the main purpose of writing.
  3. Never pretend to be someone you are not. Try to sound honest and natural. Many students are tempted to sound more sophisticated but do not try to present some images.
  4. Devote sufficient time to this task. Many students think, “Oh, I can write my motivation letter overnight.” In theory, it may be possible but in reality, it is recommended to have enough time to brainstorm the ideas, write the letter, and then revise and proofread it.
  5. Edit and revise the motivational letter upon completion. It is advisable to have at least a one-day break between the writing and revision stages. It will help you look at the letter from a fresh perspective. You will then be able to be more efficient when it comes to eliminating mistakes.

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