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We have to find out exactly what a case brief is. It is defined as an exclusive text written by law students and law specialists, which has a number of complex aspects to complete and requires extensive knowledge of the law, peculiar format, and technical details. Those students who believe that working on case briefs is boring and do prefer using some case brief writing service that can save them from tedious work. It is an amazing solution not only for them but also for those who do not have sufficient time for the task or who want to be sure that an expert will cover all the aspects they might miss. Our professional service is the one you can trust entirely!

Do not forget that the case law in a shortened variant is a legal brief, and that means that notwithstanding its concise form it should be thorough and well structured. Writing this kind of paper always implies an in-depth analysis of the used facts, working on a good thesis, gathering the data needed for a specific case, and that makes the task interesting but at the same time complicated. You have probably tried looking for ready-made solutions on the Internet and you have seen more than one case brief writing service that gives examples of such tasks for those students who are at a loss about their writing assignments. Let us be your guide in this unknown world of academics!

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Case Brief: Definition

Those students who study law always have numerous case brief tasks assigned by their professors. It stands to reason, as they have to learn how to do quick and effective identification of the law rules in various court cases and then make a conclusion how those rules are applied by the court in a particular case. Thus, the students see how to manage case briefings in an objective manner, develop their analytic skills, and add to the understanding of the court work in terms of interpretation and application of the laws. Our case brief writing service can not only do the task instead of you but also give you hints on how to be effective at doing such tasks yourself afterward.

Writing a Case Brief

  1. It reminds us of the case facts.
  2. It brings to memory the precedents needed for further judicial decisions on the basis of the known principles of law.
  3. It provides for an easy review of the needed law areas with the reduced case to its rationale, holding, and major facts. Collected briefs can summarize the entire law area.

Key Elements of Case Brief Writing

Learning how to write a case brief, the students get to know that it is a tool of self-teaching that can be done in various formats, depending on the level of writing and educational background. Still, the rule is the same for all: a brief is to be brief!

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See the key elements of the perfect brief style below:

  • Facts
  • Issues
  • Rationale
  • Rule of law and holding

Facts: what are they?

It is essential to present the case facts without exact copying or repeating the words of a judge. It is not necessary to include extraneous facts, as the problem should be framed with the most significant facts only.

Issues: what are they?

Recognizing issues is an important skill needed for every student. For example, if there are two persons who claim that they own a certain object is related to the issues of personal property ownership. The appealing party always poses certain questions and it is essential to identify the law errors and see different twists on the issue. No technical terms should be used as the issues are to be described in a clear manner without complicated vocabulary.

Holding: what is it?

Our legal brief writing services can clearly define the court ruling and identify the winner in each particular case to see the case outcomes. We will give you an understanding of the procedural setting and the holding with the appropriate rule of law applied.

Rationale: what is it?

There is no even distribution of words among the parts of case briefs. The length of the section with rationale is typically the largest as it contains explanations of the reasons for the court ruling and reasoning. It is important to note the used prior decisions and interpretation of the laws and statutes applied to make a decision.

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Table of



  References and
bibliography list

Outline (on demand)


All the sections of the paper should be organized properly and we provide a qualified case brief writing service that can give thorough explanations about how the decisions were made by the court. We take into consideration the fact that most cases are of the appellate type from either a federal or a state court. You have to know whether it is a decision from an intermediate or a final court and how long ago the decision was made. Form your own opinion about the decision and state whether you view it as fair, logical, or improper and wrong.

How to Write a Case Brief: Expert Help from Professionals

It is not easy to be a law student and the case briefs sound understandable only when the students get sufficient experience and understanding of the issues related. However, in the early stages of their studies, they are not sure how to make the case brief structure proper and how to do the task without drawbacks and mistakes. We have hired a team of law writers experienced and qualified for work at and helping you with your academic tasks as well as professional papers the experts may need. The students know about our legal brief writing services and when they want to provide an impressive paper, they always contact us. Why? They do that with confidence as we always provide proper organization, thorough research, and outstanding performance in each of the papers. They just open the order form, fill in all the details about the assignment they have got at their university, specify all the guidelines, with a number of pages, spacing, level of academic writing, and other details included, and then wait for perfect outcomes. It is also important not to forget to upload all files and supplementary materials for writing. We offer a convenient service that adheres to the highest standards of academic writing.

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