With the help of a progressive delivery service, you can keep track of the writing process of a long and difficult paper. As a rule, customers find this service beneficial when it comes to managing 20-page double-spaced papers or 10-page single-spaced papers.

Pros of Progressive Order Delivery:

  1. You are assigned the top professionals to work on your paper;
  2. You get assistance from a personal manager, who controls whether the writer works the paper consistently and diligently and ensures a proper communication process between you and your assigned writer;
  3. You get your paper delivered in separate paper sections (or drafts). Thus, you are sure that the writer has sufficient time to work on each paper section and that he/ she does not write the paper overnight;
  4. You get 30 days for sending free revision requests.

Drafts Delivery

The number of drafts depends on the total time you allow for the paper completion.

For example, if the urgency is four days and less, you will get one draft (after 50% of the deadline has expired). If the deadline you have indicated on the website is 5-11 days, then you receive two drafts (after 25% and 50% of the deadline has respectively expired), and if the deadline is 12 days and more, you get three drafts (after 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline expiry).

According to the company’s policy, the first draft equals 25% of the required paper volume, the second – to 50%, and the third one – to 75%.

The price of progressive delivery is 15% of the total order cost.

* Customers are free to modify the schedule of receiving drafts according to the assigned paper requirements and individual needs.

Extra Services for Short Papers

  1. Summary. A paper summary is a brief outline of the main points that were brought to discussion. If you are asked to make an oral presentation or report on your paper findings, this service will come in handy.
  2. Draft. You get a one-page draft if you order this service. It will enable you to check on whether the writer is on the right track with your paper. If you have ordered a single-spaced paper, you will receive a 600-word draft; in the case of a double-spaced paper, a 300-word draft will be provided after 50% of the total order deadline is over.
  3. Extended Revision. Instead of the usual 48 hours given for free revision requests, you will get the whole of 14 days during which you could ask your assigned writer to improve your paper.
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