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Dissertation Abstract

A dissertation abstract assignment is one that requires the writer to spend much time preparing for writing. The purpose of the dissertation abstract is to give readers an overview in a concisely written document that tells about the dissertation itself in general terms. The following points can help any student complete his or her dissertation abstract with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

The various components of a dissertation abstract will vary from project to project, according to the dissertation's subject, length and other factors. For instance, if a student is attempting to write a dissertation abstract of a scientific work, it may contain the purpose of the research that was conducted, its results and the full contents of the work. On the other hand, a humanities dissertation abstract could contain the work's thesis, some background information and information that gives a conclusion about the findings.

The two more important reasons that abstracts are used involve indexing and selection

Abstracts enable readers to decide whether larger-scale work on a particular topic is worth their time and energy. They provide a quick way to review the general scope of a dissertation.

Dissertation abstracts can be either descriptive or informative

The descriptive type informs readers about the type of information found within the dissertation without giving an opinion about it. It consists of straightforward facts. The informative dissertation abstract can act as a surrogate dissertation, giving more details and explaining procedures in more depth than a descriptive abstract.

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